2016 - 2018 Summer Refreshment Program  - Developed seasonally relevant occasion strategy to bundle brands (Fuze, Minute Maid Lemonade & Sprite) with fresh produce sales. By connecting merchandising units to brand, target, occasion & retailer relevant Lemonade Stand & Watermelon Backyard Picnic moments. Lead photoshoots capturing both family moments & buildable produce box elements for easy, intrinsically relevant &  thematically united adaptation across platform activations.

Brand Goals & Shopper Target: Create program that authentically connects to and engages with Gen X Moms. Activate relevant beverages, offers & fun summer family activities providing Mom with the perfect beverage solutions to keep her family refreshed during the hot summer months. Program execution to be scalable, interruptive in-store display that would be appealing to retailers, regardless of space or budget limitations.

Retailer Approach: Connect to Mom on her stock-up trips in the Large Store Channel. Inspire her through coupon offers & digital at-home summertime activities and recipes using #SummerRefreshment communications. Includes social engagement & influencers  to compel shoppers to engage in the post-shop journey and encourage brand loyalty.