see what you want to sea

Editing down some actual camera shots taken om my recent trip to Taiwan to add to the iPhone/Instagram gallery currently posted.

In the meantime, I just wanted to point out this rock formation I spotted off of the coast of the Green Island (綠島鄉). Looked a bit familiar to me for some reason...

"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

haircut 100

Last week I got my hair cut shorter than it has been for a while. Long bangs in the front with a short pixie in the back / I wish I was Michelle Williams-style. I am super happy with the look, but it appears from the range of positive to what my friends and I have dubbed the "Ugly Baby Responses," not everyone is as thrilled as I am.

The Ugly Baby Response is the gut-reaction semi-polite reply after being assaulted with the hilarious visage of someone's un-photogenic progeny. All babies a miracles, but some are more "Old Dancing Man from the Six Flags Commericals" doppelganger-miracles than most. Instead of squee-ing out a lie about "how cute!" or "adorable!" the child is, you can only muster a qualifier-less statements of fact i.e. "Oh my God! Wow! What a baby!," "Look at those FEET!," or "That. is. a. BABY!" The Ugly Baby Responses end up with the sonic quality and cadence of a compliment, but are in fact merely a damning statements of unadulterated reality. 

Luckily I'm confident with my new 'Do (I've had it this short a few times before) so I take the "you are so brave!" and "I wish I had the face for that!" comments with the eye rolls and chuckles they deserve. I made a little animation below to show off my new style! / Play around with Photoshop CS5's updated animation timeline features (basically a mini-After Effects!)

haircut from somethingelsa on Vimeo.


so you better treat her right


The world of media production is typically fast-paced with extended lead times that often lead to a "onto the next one" approach and an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude towards finished projects. This working situation can become a frustrating cycle that doesn't allow any time to fully appreciate the fruits of your labor. One of the great things about my previous job working at a busy post-production studio in NYC was that I often saw the projects I worked on all over the city. Bus stops, billboards, taxi tops, pop-up shops, commercials... the campaigns were always all around you. Now in my most recent job on the agency side things, I manage a much larger scope of the campaigns' production and design, but for a smaller roster of clients. So now I am much less likely to run into my jobs out in the wild

Since I've finally had some relative downtime (haha!) recently and I've passed my one year anniversary at Laird I thought it would be a good time to update my portfolio. Combing through my archived files, reviewing past design and ultimately finding the work now "live" has been really satisfying. I will try to update this page with those kind of examples more often to not only to better document my work, but as a bit of a pick-me-up and pat on the back in an otherwise hectic industry!

So check out my updated portfolio to find some of my latest jobs and let me know if you spot any of them around!

Taiwan 101

I have put off updating this site for way too long. My Valentine's Day resolution is to get back in the habit of posting more frequently. Let's see how this goes!

I went to Taiwan for nice 10 day vacation this month courtesy of my ex-step father / still good friend John. We visited with his lovely wife Chingling, her friends & family mainly in Taipei, Taitung (her hometown) & the nearby Lyudao (Green Island). Taiwan was a full of friendly people and natural beauty. Much less crowded or hectic than typical metropolitan areas with plenty of historic sites to visit and amazing local food. I didn't have a deep knowledge of China or Taiwan before I visited, so I was eager to discover and luckily met many people who were excited to share.

We left at the beginning of the Chinese New Year week of celebration which was a great way to end the trip. Happy New Year of the Snake!

You can check out my iPhone/Instagram taken shots in the photography gallery here. I might add some more photos later if I can find enough good shots from my actual camera.

California Dreaming

Just got back from a quick trip to California for my bro's graduation from UC Santa Barbara (Go 2012 Gauchos!) & hanging with friends in LA (Go Hollywood-ers!). Since I was quite busy with family I didn't bring my camera / concentrate on photography as I usually like to do on vacation, but I was able to take a few quick shots on iPhone 4 / Instagram app. Please chuckle with me at this Californian "June Gloom." Here is the gallery.