Game of Phones

Recently I worked on a Presentation Project visualizing a teaser campaign to be rolled out during a live event. The concept was a fantasy character whose greatest weapon isn't a sword- it's a smartphone. I drew the characters & text elements in Illustrator, colorized/inked the textures & background in Photoshop and laid out the storyboard using InDesign.

A comic book illustration style to brings the viewer directly into the adventure while the photo-real texture & color elements ground the reality of the fantasy world concept. The dusk color scheme of pinks, purples, golds and blues also add to the mysterious/intriguing ambiance as the tension builds as well as create a natural timeline progression to the board. Finally the transition from a light to dark color scheme also has the added effect of the making the last text card the boldest contrasting frame which helps the messaging stand out in a striking way. Overall the stylized look and feel of this presentation approach unifies the frames into a complete story. 

click to enlarge

To kick the storyboard up a notch I also animated two of the cell frames. I used the animation tools in Photoshop (very similar to After Effects) to create .mov files. I timed the animations to be able to be exported as seamlessly loop-able formats. This creates playfully elevated elements that can be embed into a presentation in a slick and unobtrusive way. The self-contained joke of the loops also lend the frames to be already pre-made re-blog, tweet, tumbl-able elements, but mainly function as quick way to capture a client/audience's attention and let them truly visualize the capabilities of the campaign's scope, be it as a full advertising spot or social media campaign. 

This was such a fun project to work on both creatively and technically. It gave me a lot of inspiration for the next one!