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This Blonde Nerd Is Not Like The Other

I just found out that Minkus from Boy Meets World and Waldo from The Little Rascals movie are NOT the same person. My mind is blown. I didn't realize there was such a plethora of icy blonde, wire tortoiseshell frame wearing, evil cackling, mini-James Spader nerds dominating the villian scene of the 90s. I should have guess that was way too big of a market for one kid to corner on their own. 


If Paul Rudd & Alicia Silverstone and Claire Danes & Jared Leto can do it. Why can't Winona Ryder & Christian Slater give it a shot? Do it for the childern. The internet children. 


Ready for next Halloween and/or Comic-Con. 

6 Degrees of Modern Sherlock Holmes

Have you ever wondered how my mind works? Probably not, but I do often whoop-up in the pop culture questions during a pub quiz. I can't answer the why, but I can show a representation of the how. Below is a visual layout of the types of media links I tend to make. In this example I read a news item that actor Stephen Fry was going to play Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft in the upcoming Guy Ritchie film adaptation sequel. That news got me thinking... then... Voilà! Links! Info!

More research would undoubtedly lead to more links between these items, but these are the connections came to me just off the top of my head. 


Cosmic Engineers Mobile

As an art project challenge I made this hanging mobile for my friend Charlie. At random the subject "Cosmic Engineers" was chosen and I got this idea for this piece.  

I drew a couple celestial bodies and four famous Sci-Fi spaceships: Doctor Who's TARDIS, Firefly's Serenity, Star Trek's USS Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica. Then I scanned the drawings, printed the mirror images and pasted them together to make the pieces double-sided. I constructed a mobile frame with wire and fishing line. 

I'm proud of how nerdy-ly awesome it turned out. I hope it's mobilizing fun over at Charlie's house!