Game of Phones

Recently I worked on a Presentation Project visualizing a teaser campaign to be rolled out during a live event. The concept was a fantasy character whose greatest weapon isn't a sword- it's a smartphone. I drew the characters & text elements in Illustrator, colorized/inked the textures & background in Photoshop and laid out the storyboard using InDesign.

A comic book illustration style to brings the viewer directly into the adventure while the photo-real texture & color elements ground the reality of the fantasy world concept. The dusk color scheme of pinks, purples, golds and blues also add to the mysterious/intriguing ambiance as the tension builds as well as create a natural timeline progression to the board. Finally the transition from a light to dark color scheme also has the added effect of the making the last text card the boldest contrasting frame which helps the messaging stand out in a striking way. Overall the stylized look and feel of this presentation approach unifies the frames into a complete story. 

click to enlarge

To kick the storyboard up a notch I also animated two of the cell frames. I used the animation tools in Photoshop (very similar to After Effects) to create .mov files. I timed the animations to be able to be exported as seamlessly loop-able formats. This creates playfully elevated elements that can be embed into a presentation in a slick and unobtrusive way. The self-contained joke of the loops also lend the frames to be already pre-made re-blog, tweet, tumbl-able elements, but mainly function as quick way to capture a client/audience's attention and let them truly visualize the capabilities of the campaign's scope, be it as a full advertising spot or social media campaign. 

This was such a fun project to work on both creatively and technically. It gave me a lot of inspiration for the next one! 

I'll Do Me

I just spruced up the résumé section of the site! It now reflects the latest & greatest from the past yearPLUS worth of work updates. Now onto the major design ninja task of tastefully yet effectively editing down all of that into a corresponding 1 page PDF. You know you've reached real professional status when you are able to remove your internships & assistant jobs from the ol' res'. 

woman of the world


Welp. It's been quite a handful of weeks. If you had asked me what my plans were about 2 months ago I would have said something about maaaaaybe planning a trip to Mexico. Weeeeelp.... then I got laid off. 

Suddenly I had no plans AND every plan. The sky was this limit, but did I feel comfortable reaching for it? I had savings, but living in NYC, how quickly was I going to burn through that? Should I move? Should focus my energy on securing a new job? But any job? Or should I wait? Should I travel, volunteer or concentrate on making some art? I had a thousand questions with no "right" answers. 

I had a crash course in finding myself. Eat, pray, loving from the comfort of the boroughs. The first few days I was of course bummed, angry, stressed and scared, but as time passed so did those feelings. As much as I wanted to take the time to relax, it is just not in my nature to do so unless I know I've done the work to earn it. So I started up the hustle, reaching out to anyone and everyone by email, linkedin, facebook, calls, job boards, etc. After that things started to fall into place quickly.

Interviews started to be lined up, my budget seemed relatively on track and suddenly for the first time ever I actually had the time to enjoy the beautiful NYC spring. I walked along the waterfronts and across bridges. I went to interviews from Uptown to Downtown and planned lunches, movies and museum trips in between. Spring time in bars, rooftops, tattoo parlors, dance parties, backyards and front stoops.

Answering the stock interview question "so what are you looking to do?" over and over actually made me think about it. The first few times parroting back the typical semi-generic goals, but then I found myself actually internalizing and contemplating the question. I was finally coming to realization that I am no longer a student, an assistant or an apprentice. I am a woman with skills, talent and a career. So what do I see myself doing? 

Then I landed a freelance gig with a magazine called Man of the World. They have a really talented, but small team that just needed someone with production experience to step in and help them out. This projected ended up being a completely awesome reinvigorating work experience for me. I got to tap my skills, creativity, experience and conjure something really fun out of it. Issue No. 4 on stands soon! And yet again it really helped clarify the question about what I actually want to do.

I recently accepted a position with Urban Studio as a production manager. I am super excited about working with another group of talented people and finding out how I can fit in and help create some more great stuff. Since I was laid off I went to DC, Alabama, Vermont and I'm about to go to Mexico for a few weeks before I start the new job. I am happy to say when someone asks me "what do you see yourself doing" I can confidently answer, "This!"