My wonderful buddy Scott Niichel invited me to check out the Sotheby's Impressionist & Modern Art exhibition before their corresponding auction last week. The rooms were packed with sketches, paintings and sculptures typically reserved for elite museums and public institutions, but in this setting the placards with artist, name & date also came with estimates. While it boggled my mind to consider that these pieces by Picasso, Miro, Gauguin, Matisse, Renoir... are likely to end up in private collections, the exhibition also reminded me of the patronage behind the art as well.

Like it or not the stories of the commerce of art are as intrinsically linked to it's development and documentation as the historical and aesthetic movements behind the work. What inspired the art, the process of creation and then who in turn chose to buy or preserve lead to me view it at an auction 80 years later. The question of public/social vs private/capitalistic aside it was a pleasure to be inspired both artistically and ethically. Thanks Scott! Here is a portrait I drew of him!

countdown drawing

I went to 3rd Ward's Drink N Draw event last night. I hadn't drawn a live model since college, so it was a great to jump back in with the help of a couple of cans of PBR. The poses began with live movement, then 30 second poses, 1 minute, 5 mins, etc. Afterward it was fun to see the progression of my sketch style with the elapse of time. I prefer my ~5 min compositions more than the longer ones. Maybe because the model could hold more dynamic poses in the shorter time? Overall I enjoy drawing more in short burst or long haul hour long renditions. 

Día de Muertos

As Halloween was approaching I only had one priority: spend little to no money on my costume. I've tried this before to very lackluster results. Free costumes made from my own wardrobe often lead to an uninspired "wacky mismatched patterns" look. This year I wanted to try a new cheap, but creative approach to the holiday. Encouraged by my previous Beyoncé makeup mimicry I had the idea to try a traditional Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) look. Obviously this was going to be a more elaborate task than usual. 

Although I haven't celebrated a traditional Día de Muertos (beyond ingesting a copious amount of sugar skulls), I have always loved the imagery of the Calavera Catrina. The mix of Aztec and colonial Spanish aesthetics reflects a uniquely Mexican mix. It felt right, fun and totally doable if done with attention. 

When planning the makeup I assumed what I lacked in standard makeup skills I could compensated for with my drawing experience. I found a few YouTube video tutorials and made sure to practice a few days before Halloween to help establish a learning curve. This year Halloween weekend in New York turned out to be a gloomy snowy mess, but there was no way I wasn't going out after I finished this almost two hour creation. 

I really enjoyed how many people I didn't know were intimidated by me, people I did know barely recognized me and everyone was generally creeped out. Official Halloween success!

Cosmic Engineers Mobile

As an art project challenge I made this hanging mobile for my friend Charlie. At random the subject "Cosmic Engineers" was chosen and I got this idea for this piece.  

I drew a couple celestial bodies and four famous Sci-Fi spaceships: Doctor Who's TARDIS, Firefly's Serenity, Star Trek's USS Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica. Then I scanned the drawings, printed the mirror images and pasted them together to make the pieces double-sided. I constructed a mobile frame with wire and fishing line. 

I'm proud of how nerdy-ly awesome it turned out. I hope it's mobilizing fun over at Charlie's house!

The Great Mix CD Madness of 2004

While digging through my old hard drive looking for older art to post on this site, I found these mix CDs I made for three friends in 2004. Apparently I was so proud of the final product, both mix and artwork, that I scanned them to keep them memory of such an musical achivement...forever! I am glad that I did. My almost 10 year old LACIE drive is proving to be quite the time capsule. 


New "My Friends" Drawings

I added four new drawings to the "My Friends" series I've been working on. All under the "drawings" tab. Anne, Jim, Liza and Sarah. Same format. Sharpie and notebook. Scanned, cropped and the levels have been slightly adjusted to bring out the ink lines and pen strokes. The drawings are based on older photographs I have of friends in action. These drawings aren't intended to be formal portraits, more a collection of memories and moments that reflect a relationship.