doggy day care

Dog-sitting for my friend Alexis' dog Dot gave me great insight into my potential life as a Brooklyn dog owner. Along with the expected commitment of time, money and willingness to vacuum a little more than usual, how would having a dog really effect my daily life? Here are some of the fascinating facts I discovered. 

anatomy of a nap

First: You can take a dog anywhere as long as you act very apologetic while entering. If you awkwardly hover around the door of any establishment requesting access like a banished vampire or Dickensian street urchin with a pooch, people tend to quickly wave you in out of pity.

Second: New York City dogs crap on cement. There are only so many patches of grass from which to choose from, so depositing a number 2 on the pavement is apparently a-ok for them.

Third: I have 7am neighbors. This is my fifth year in my apartment and I just now found out these people existed. The 7am-ers are a bleary-eyed bunch, shuffling around at the crack of dawn in pajama pants and hoodies, emitting the distinctive clattering sound of coffee cups, keys, leashes and the crinkling of those blue plastic poop bags. 

Fourth & Last: Chicken bones are everywhere! I hadn't noticed them until Alexis warned me to look out for the ever present drumstick while walking Dot. I thought she was exaggerating until my eyes were opened to chicken wing plight facing our streets. Johnny Appleseed has obviously been replaced on Tommy KFC.