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More Podcast! But now with more jokes! These are my Comedy Podcast Recommendations.

The Nerdist
LOLz! It’s that guy from “Singled Out.” Okay now that we got over that, this is a show hosted by stand-up Chris Hardwick and his two sidekicks Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. They bicker like geeky brothers. The shows alternate interview and “hostful” episodes about all things nerd and comedy. 

The Adam Carolla Show 
This is a throwback to the daily morning radio show you loved as a pre-teen, but without the 90s pop hits, time and traffic updates. Carolla is a master complainer and his side-kicks work mainly to bring up more topics for him to rant about. I don’t always agree with Carolla’s political views, but the show is fast and funny and fits perfectly in my morning commute. 

Doug Loves Movies 
Stand-up comedian Doug Benson is known for his stoner humor. This is an audio recording of his weekly live show at the UCB:LA Theater. He usually gets three guests to come on, tangentially talk about movies, then play a movie quiz game he has dubbed “The Leonard Maltin Game.” The audience wins prizes and it gets oddly competitive and therefor hilarious. 

WTF with Marc Maron
Marc Maron’s show is like a comedian twelve step program / therapist session. It starts with a rant and some introspection then moves onto an in-depth interview commonly with an writer, actor or comedian Maron has offended in the past. Maron maintains an informal and friendly if not some what confrontational style. This makes the interviews unique and challenging and elevates the conversation beyond the standard showbiz banter.

Comedy Bang Bang
Comedy writer and producer Scott Aukerman hosts this mother-ship program on his own growing podcast network Earwolf. This comedy show bring together awesome guest for interviews with various improvised characters. This show almost always makes me crazily burst out laughing on the train or at work. Definitely would appeal to people who enjoy absurdest humor and “alternative comedy.”

Sklarbro Country
Identical twin brothers Jason and Randy Sklar host this sports themed comedy, interview and improv show on Earwolf. I am not the biggest sports fan, but I love this show and can follow most of the stories since they cover pop culture. Warning: you might need a moment to adjust to the sound of this show. Since the Sklars talk a mile a minute and their voices sound exactly the same, this show might sound like a man having a Sport Center inspired schizophrenic breakdown at first. 

Who Charted?
Although this show has a pretty gross title it’s actually one of the nicest and friendliest shows on the Earwolf Network. Hosts comedians Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack and a Very Special Guest countdown of the latest charts in movies, music and more. The guest interviews are silly and outlined by a personal chart that is “This Is Your Life” reminiscent.  

Friday Night Comedy 
This feed is actually two different topical BBC radio 4 comedy shows that alternate every few weeks. “The Now Show” hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis is a totally British style variety show with political and pop culture satirical commentary, songs, plays, etc. “The News Quiz” hosted by Sandi Toksvig is similar to the quiz style of Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me. Be warned: Both are super British. Like Jokes about local Educational Ministers British. That British. 

The Lavender Hour 
Comedians / lovahs Natasha Leggero and Duncan Trussell record this totally strange, often technically lacking, but somehow captivating show. They tend to rant about the problems with modern day consumerist culture and are very open about their spiritual aspirations. So this can be inspirational or completely tedious. 

The Ricky Gervais Podcast
Ricky “The Podfather” Gervais along with Stephen “SMERCH” Merchant and Karl “He Has a Head Like a Fucking Orange” Pilkington boosted the worldwide popularity of the podcast medium. Their show started first as a radio show on XFM, then as a series of free podcasts for the Guardian and then it was a series of paid-per-episode audiobooks. The show is pretty much on hiatus, but this feed hosts some of the older free content.