But Spotify Doesn't Work on the Subway!

Podcasts! They're all the rage these days. Although the quantity has always been abundant, the quality has grown leaps and bounds recently. Most people know you can download popular radio shows like This American Life and Radiolab as podcasts, but there is much more to discover beyond NPR land. I'm an old school OCDer who needs a constant stream of media stimulation, so I've built quite the collection of subscriptions over the years. Here are some my vetted General Podcasts suggestions for you!  Below are links and descriptions. (Comedy Podcast list to follow).

The Moth
Stories told live, on stage, without notes, relating to various diverse themes and topics. Sometimes when I first listen I am put off by a speakers voice or accent, but if I put aside my prejudices and keep listing I am almost always amazed and glad I gave it a chance. These curated stories are always heartfelt and worth the quick listen.

Savage Love
Weekly sex, love and relationship advice for callers who leave messages asking for help from writer Dan Savage. Although you might think you wouldn’t relate to, say... a dolphin/pie fetishist, give it a try. You will find that the truths in Savages' opinions tend to be universal and really helpful.

Sound Opinions
Two old Chicago music reviewers talk about the current status of the music industry, review the latest releases and occasionally do interviews and musical historical recaps. They cover a huge range in musical styles and do a good job of keeping me up to date. I appreciate Jim DeRogatis’ championing of women musicians, but I tend to agree more with Greg Kot’s tastes.

A peak into Montreal based ultra-neurotic writer Jonathan Goldstein’s consciousness. He plays a version of himself, a put upon radio presenter surrounded by a rotating cast of narcissistic characters who are constantly planning wacky Canadian hijinks. I love this show, but you have to spread it out and water it down like a bullion cube. A little goes a long way.

The Sound of Young America
Jesse Thorne is a relativity young broadcaster with a old man deep voice. Sometimes he  does the super hipster thing of trying to be an anti-hipster i.e. overly sincere, but as he’s matured his interview have gotten better. He picks a fun roster of guest. Usually writers, comedians and musicians.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review
This BBC radio show tends to be over an hour long and I love every minute of it. The caveat of course being that I'm an anglophile. Simon Mayo is the “straight man” radio presenter and Kermode is the impassioned rant friendly pompadour-ed film reviewer. It’s smart and entertaining. Hello Jason Issacs!